Thursday, May 21, 2015

Destination College

Nervous about the college admissions process?  Not sure where to start?  Do you just want some extra help?  

Don't forget to sign up for Destination College!  It will be 6/11 from 8AM-4PM at College Park High School.  The registration fee is $25, lunch and door prizes will be provided.  Some of the door prizes even include free parking passes for the next year and prom tickets!  Sessions included are- college applications, essay writing, how to find the right fit, college 101, mock applications with real admissions officers, former students talking about their experiences, and a mini college fair.  

Applications can be found in Ms. Taylor and Ms. Abernathy's classrooms.  Or, you may visit the CCC.  Apply today since space is limited.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

National Decision Day for c/o 2015!

National Decision Day is Wednesday 5/13/15!

All seniors are invited to come sign the banner indicating where they are going after high school.  

This includes 4 year colleges, 2 year colleges, community colleges, trade schools, or the military.
Seniors need to come sign the banner outside of the auditorium during all lunches. It will be installed in the CCC after that so if a student does not sign on this date, there will be AMPLE opportunities for them to sign later.

The banners from the past 2 senior classes are posted in the athletic hallway so if you have not have seen these items before please come down for a visit. 

Monday, March 23, 2015

College and Career Center News

Seniors now have the opportunity to take an ACT test on the CHS campus. This test was planned for Juniors only but has now been opened for both grades. This is a great chance to take the ACT during the school day.  Usually, students must take this test on a Saturday. (10th graders are not allowed to take this test at this time.) Please see the Fees and Fines Lady in the front office to reserve your seat.

Cost is $30.00, pay the Fees and Fines Lady in the front office to reserve your seat.
Test Date is: April 28, 2015

The ACT Bootcamp, on March 31, has been opened for any student in 11th or 12th grade. The cost is $100.00. This is a great way to prepare for the test and it is a severely discounted price. Please come to the CCC for more information about this opportunity.

College Visits in the CCC this week:

The University of Southern Mississippi
Tuesday, March 24, during all lunches in the CCC

Lamar University
Thursday, March 26, during all lunches in the CCC

Dual Credit registration kicks off this week:

Students who requested to take dual credit for the first time next year will receive a pass for their time slot and will return to class with a pass.

Juniors will register during 3rd period tomorrow, Tuesday, March 24.

Sophomores will register during 5th period on Wednesday, March 25.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

College Visits in the College and Career Center

We have several college representatives coming to CHS next week:

Monday, 10/6 - Purdue University - in the CCC during all lunches

Wednesday, 10/8 - Baylor University - in the CCC @ 10:00 a.m.

                                   Hollins Univeristy - in the CCC from 12:30 - 1:00 p.m.

Thursday, 10/9 - Southwestern University - in the CCC during all lunches

                               Colorado College - in the CCC from 11:30 - 1:00

Friday, 10/10 - Massachusetts College of Pharmacy - in Ms. Tan's room (#232) during D Lunch

**If you are interested in attending any of these sessions, please see Mrs. Bernhard in the CCC to get a pass.**

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

College Fair

Make plans to attend our annual CISD College Night on 9/30 from 6:30-8:30 at the Lone Star Convention Center.  We will have sessions on Financial Aid, College Applications, and sessions in Spanish.  There will be over 150 colleges in attendance!

This is an exciting opportunity to learn about a variety of colleges and post-secondary programs.  In order to make the most of your time, we highly suggest that you register for a barcode,   When you register, just be sure to click on the event that looks like this:
Then, you input your information and get a barcode.  Show the barcode to the college reps and that way you don't have to fill out interest forms to get information, they just scan you!

While this is aimed at Juniors and Seniors, any high school student is welcome to attend.  The counselors look forward to seeing you there!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Fall College Prep Boot Camp

CISD is hosting a Fall College Prep Boot Camp on 9/20 at Conroe HS.

This is a great opportunity to learn more about the ACT & SAT (college entrance exams), PSAT (all 10th & 11th grade students take this and it is practice for the SAT, it also is the test that determines National Merit Scholars), and the TSI (this is a college readiness test that students going into dual credit must take and students attending Lone Star must take).

There will also be sessions for parents about the tests and how to find the right fit for a college!

Fall College Prep Boot Camp Flyer

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

What's up with all that graduation stuff?

Today's topic is what's on every senior's mind, GRADUATION!

Did you know?

Those “funny hats” that grads wear are called mortarboards because they resemble a tool used by bricklayers to hold mortar.

The cap and gown combination can be traced back to the academic and clerical dress commonly worn at the medieval universities of Europe. The early universities didn’t have buildings, so students would usually meet at churches. Since the churches were unheated, historians believe the students wore the long gowns and caps for warmth.

The tassel that hangs from the mortarboard rests on one side until the graduate has received his/her diploma. After the graduating class is announced, the students then switch the tassel to the other side and then many students toss their caps into the air.

The hat-tossing got started in Annapolis, Maryland in 1912. That year, students at the U.S. Naval Academy became officers for the first time (instead of having to serve two more years as midshipmen) and flung their hats into the air spontaneously.

The song Pomp and Circumstance also known as “Land of Hope and Glory” was written in Sir Edward Elgar in 1901. The title of “Pomp and Circumstance” comes from a line in Shakespeare’s Othello, “Pride, pomp and circumstance of glorious war!” In 1902, lyrics were written by poet and essayist Arthur Christopher Benson to celebrate the crowning of King Edward the VII.

All this information is courtesy of our chemistry teacher Stacey Stancik


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